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Testing TCP / UDP clients and servers with a Linux platform

Sometimes you need a quick method or mechanism to test either a TCP or UDP client or server works, this can be done with the Linux netcat application...

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How to purge your exim emails and handle a Line mismatch error

Just a quick post mainly for my reference on how to purge your exim mail queue and handle the "Line mismatch:" error you can get sometimes when things aren't working as they should...

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Windows7 PC read error when accessing SAMBA share through PDC

If your getting a connection reset by pair (full error text below) when trying to access your Linux SAMBA share running in SERVER mode (SHARE mode should not encounter this error) from your Windows7 PC with the SERVER authentication being handled by an external Primary Domain Controller (PDC) you will need to set the Local Security settings as follows to get things running correctly...

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Load, Reload or Refresh your fstab mounts

In order to load your new mount entries, reload, or refresh your fstab mount points you can do this simply with the mount command as follows...

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How to get exim running as your MTA with a smarthost

If you need to configure exim 4 as your default MTA (mail transport agent) with an external smart host (SMTP) server then these instructions might help. This setup expect that the SMTP server requires no authentication. I've also tagged on some useful commands for clearing your mail...

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redhat error while loading shared libraries

If you get an shared library loading error similar to the following its probably due to RedHat not including the /usr/local/lib shared library directory...

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My quick NTP notes

These are just some quick notes on the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server for my reference and will get updated when time permits.

To install simply run...

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Linux disk usage statistics

The following are some useful commands to figure out which directory is consuming all of your disk space...

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How to reboot a locked up local or remote Linux box

On the odd occasion your Linux box will lock up and won't appear to be working, at this point you go darn I'd love to do a controlled shutdown, here's one way of rebooting your local or remote Linux box...

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Command to list only directory names under Linux

Sometimes you need to only only list the directory names under Linux, a simple command for this is...

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How to setup a 30 second Cron job

Sometimes you need a cron job at a frequency less than the minimum of 1 minute (60 seconds) that cron allows. One way of achieving this is by...

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Find your ethernet driver under Debian

The following is a break down of the various Debian Etch commands that can be used to figure out what ethernet driver you are currently running...

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Install vmxnet network driver on your Debian VM

After installing Debian 4 RC2 (Etch) as a VM under VMWare ESX 3.5 it was decided to change the default PCNet32 virtual network driver to the VMWare tools open source vmxnet driver to see if this alleviated a performance response timing issue with some peripheral network servers...

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Linux TCP socket guide

For those interested in programming TCP/IP sockets under linux the following links are some solid articles that I have come across on this subject. They cover such topics as blocking and non-blocking TCP sockets, TCP keepalive uses, and some linux socket pitfalls to watch out for...

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How to stop those darn Cron emails

How to stop Cron related emails ? The alert emails are generated when cron has trouble runnning a particular script or command...

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Debian VM network error SIOCSIFADDR no such device

A common error when moving your debian VMWare virtual machine (VM) or creating another instance on your local machine you will encounter at system restart the "SIOCSIFADDR: no such device" network configuration error...

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Finding your Debian and Ubuntu install version

Need to figure out your Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat (CentOS) install version? What package version am I using? What version of Glib is installed? Here's what to do...

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