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Unresolved external wWinMain from COW32W.OBJ

Sometimes when your forced to upgrade your very old projects to the latest RadStudio environment you'll strike the linker error "Unresolved external 'wWinMain'...

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C / C++ DLL compiling ilink32 error Unresolved external

If your building a C / C++ DLL and your getting ILINK32 Error: Unresolved external its a simple solution to get things working...

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embarcadero dbexpress SQLConnection DriverName access violation DbxCommon150.bpl

I struck a problem trying to use the dbExpress TSQLConnection components on an upgraded BDS2006 application where the program would compile and link fine but when you ran the application it would fail with the following access violation error...

Getting embarcadero dbexpress mysql working - DBX Error: Driver not initialized

Sometimes the simple things are harder than you expected and dbexpress probably comes under that category, it was less express than I had expected but once you figure things out it does work. Some of the problems were my fault while others took time due to the obscur nature of the errors returned by XE and XE2...

Borland CPort multiple declaration and Unresolved linker SetPortA function

If you're having problems using the CPort 3.1 comport library for Borland C++ 6 or BDS 2006 and your getting multiple declarations and unresolved linker SetPortA errors, this is how to get things running...

Setting Borland TCppWebBrowser components navigate wchar_t string

Just a quick note on my part on how to set a wide character string i.e. wchar_t* under Borland BDS 2006, in this example I'm using the TCppWebBrowser component...

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Linux TCP socket guide

For those interested in programming TCP/IP sockets under linux the following links are some solid articles that I have come across on this subject. They cover such topics as blocking and non-blocking TCP sockets, TCP keepalive uses, and some linux socket pitfalls to watch out for...

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Abnormal borland compiled program termination after winXP SP3 install

After installing WindowsXP SP3 my Borland Builder 6 (BCB6) applications compiled with QuickReports were crashing with the errors EAccessViolation and 'Abnormal program termination'...

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Code example to check only one program instance

How to check that only one instance of a win32 based program is running and bring it to the foreground if it does exist. The following is a simple C code example for a win32 based Borland TApplication...

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