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The dreaded HDD clunk de-clunk

You may have heard the dreaded HDD clunk before followed by the solid red HDD led! Its really not a sound you want to hear. For me its not so bad as I'm running a RAID-1 mirror which means I can disconnect the failed drive, order a new one if needed and still keep working....

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How to Reboot under Windows Remote Desktop

When running a remote desktop to a Windows machine the normal Start menu option Turn off Computer is not available...

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Spybot reporting framedyn.dll not found after SP3 reinstall

After re-installing SP3 on my XP box while trying to figure out a different software issue I started getting the following dialog message alert while starting Spybot, "framedyn.dll not found"...

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Samsung 204B LCD screen blackout

The screen blackout issue with my Samsung SyncMaster 204B occurs when using the DVI input on the monitor. The screen will blackout at random times and then flick back on, this does not occur when using the analogue input into the monitor. This issue only happen's on some Samsung 204B monitor's...

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