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Windows7 PC read error when accessing SAMBA share through PDC

If your getting a connection reset by pair (full error text below) when trying to access your Linux SAMBA share running in SERVER mode (SHARE mode should not encounter this error) from your Windows7 PC with the SERVER authentication being handled by an external Primary Domain Controller (PDC) you will need to set the Local Security settings as follows to get things running correctly...

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How to get exim running as your MTA with a smarthost

If you need to configure exim 4 as your default MTA (mail transport agent) with an external smart host (SMTP) server then these instructions might help. This setup expect that the SMTP server requires no authentication. I've also tagged on some useful commands for clearing your mail...

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redhat error while loading shared libraries

If you get an shared library loading error similar to the following its probably due to RedHat not including the /usr/local/lib shared library directory...

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