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Error Incompatible type TWideStringList under XCode

If your trying to use a TStringList in your IOS Xe2 Firemonkey application you will probably encounter the following errors when compiling under Xcode...

dynamically create a Firemonkey drop shadow

Just a quick code example of how to dynamically create a drop shadow effect, pretty simple stuff but with the lack of documentation examples are rare so it seems. This example adds a drop shadow to a TMemo...

embarcadero dbexpress SQLConnection DriverName access violation DbxCommon150.bpl

I struck a problem trying to use the dbExpress TSQLConnection components on an upgraded BDS2006 application where the program would compile and link fine but when you ran the application it would fail with the following access violation error...

Getting embarcadero dbexpress mysql working - DBX Error: Driver not initialized

Sometimes the simple things are harder than you expected and dbexpress probably comes under that category, it was less express than I had expected but once you figure things out it does work. Some of the problems were my fault while others took time due to the obscur nature of the errors returned by XE and XE2...

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