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Quick notes on Win7 SSD Trim

Just my quick notes on checking SSD Trim support is working on your Win7 OS...

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Basic Netmask address notation for IP address

A quick note on the quick notation for IP addresses and its associated netmask...

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ifort error IPO link and multi-file optimization compilation code 1

To fix the IPO link error when trying to compile with the Intel fortan compiler fort, error on compilation as follows :-

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Quick command line MYSQL backup or copy your mysql database

Just a quick note on how to backup or copy your database through the command line...

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Quickly comment out block of code in Python

While debugging a python module I needed to remove sections of code for quick functionality testing. For those not familiar with python the hash (#) character is used to comment out a single line of code, so how do you comment out a large block of code ?

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Dynamic module loading with Python import

Lets say you don't know the module name before your program starts or your program needs to dynamically link to a module based on a specific version number. In other words you want a generic way of loading a module dynamically without initially knowing the name of the module before the program starts. This can be done easily in python with the following import syntax...

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Find your ethernet driver under Debian

The following is a break down of the various Debian Etch commands that can be used to figure out what ethernet driver you are currently running...

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Install vmxnet network driver on your Debian VM

After installing Debian 4 RC2 (Etch) as a VM under VMWare ESX 3.5 it was decided to change the default PCNet32 virtual network driver to the VMWare tools open source vmxnet driver to see if this alleviated a performance response timing issue with some peripheral network servers...

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Linux TCP socket guide

For those interested in programming TCP/IP sockets under linux the following links are some solid articles that I have come across on this subject. They cover such topics as blocking and non-blocking TCP sockets, TCP keepalive uses, and some linux socket pitfalls to watch out for...

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