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embarcadero dbexpress SQLConnection DriverName access violation DbxCommon150.bpl


I struck a problem trying to use the dbExpress TSQLConnection components on an upgraded BDS2006 application where the program would compile and link fine but when you ran the application it would fail with the following access violation error :-

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  1. Error reading SQLConnection1.DriverName: Access violation at address 51CE8B73 in module 'DbcCommonDriver150.bpl'. Read of address 00000010.

The problem relates to the XE project conversion from BDS2006 in some manner. I tested this with a new blank VCL form application from BDS2006 and getting XE to convert the application and the trying to add a dbExpress component and setting the driver name to MySQL, on execute you get the above access violation.


I found the solution for me was to create a blank VCL form application in XE and then import all of the Forms, dialogs, and code from the original application. When done this way the dbExpress mysql components work like a charm.

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