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Java console error could not initialize class sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment

Well this is another sanity post to save me next time I need to figure this problem out again, the issue is running a applet on a server in a Headless X11 environment. There are java program settings to force checking that a X11 display is present and similar command line options do the same, however this doesn't help when trying to run on your server console terminal in a Headless environment...

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Java applet not running

Probably the most common cause of an applet not running is that your applet code is not located in the correct place relative to your web pages applet tag. This can catch you out especially when your running XHTML code within a PHP framework such as CakePHP...

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The basic structure of a java applet

The following code outlines the basic structure of a java applet, this example displays a simple "Hello World" applet...

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