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Shhhh! Keep quiet cakephp console

Its been a while since I've had a chance and/or motivation to write any notes down, in the words of Willie Wonka "So much time, so little to do....ahhhh, strike that, reverse it..."

At any rate this note is in relation to the cakePHP console and keeping it quiet. Sometimes you need the verbose / debug information and other times it makes it impossible to work in the same shell window...

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(default) 9 queries took 12 ms
NrQueryErrorAffectedNum. rowsTook (ms)
1DESCRIBE `posts`17171
2DESCRIBE `comments`11111
3DESCRIBE `tags`221
4DESCRIBE `categories`221
5DESCRIBE `posts_tags`221
6DESCRIBE `categories_posts`221
7SELECT Post.* FROM posts Post, posts_tags pt, tags t WHERE t.tag = ('Shell') AND t.id = pt.tag_id AND pt.post_id = Post.id AND Post.status = 1 ORDER BY Post.created DESC113
8SELECT category, COUNT(*) AS cat_cnt FROM categories_posts c2p INNER JOIN categories Cat ON c2p.category_id = Cat.id GROUP BY category15151
9SELECT tag, COUNT(*) AS tag_cnt FROM posts_tags t2p INNER JOIN tags Tag ON t2p.tag_id = Tag.id GROUP BY tag49492