Run 32 bit Jet & DAO application on 64 bit windows

Officially MS says that under 64 bit Windows the JET engine is no longer available, however it is still possible to run your JET or DAO based application on a 64 bit Windows machine.

To run the application you need to force it and the applications associated DLL's to run in 32 bit mode, simply run the command below from a command prompt :-

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  1. CoreFlags.exe \Path\Application /32BIT+

This will set a bit flag on the application and force it to be run in 32 bit mode, you can use 32BIT- to unset the bit flag if required.

Deprecated: This method used to work on 64-bit Vista but does not appear to be supported under Windows7 under which Microsoft has dropped all support for DAO.
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2 Responses to “Run 32 bit Jet & DAO application on 64 bit windows”

CoreFlags.exe is not recognized in command prompt

As mentioned in the Deprecated warning above this solution only worked on 64-bit Vista and has been removed by MS for win7

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