Finding which Grid cluster your site is on at MediaTemple

Method #1

To figure out which Grid Service (GS) cluster your site is hosted on at MediaTemple (MT) simply run a trace route. The last hop address will be in the format <hostname>.gs<cluster number>

For example under a MS Windows command prompt the command "tracert" will return the following as the last hop:

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  1. 16   216 ms   213 ms   213 ms []

This indicates that the site is hosted on GS cluster 1

Method #2

In this method you need to find you primary access domain name on MT. You can find this information under your MT account center, once logged in click on your domains button then your main domain name. Select Server Guide and then access domains, you should now see your primary access domain under the Quick Details section. Now in your browser enter, http://s<your_account_number> You should see something like

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  1. Cluster #: 1
  2. Storage #: 8
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