Common special HTML and ASCII character codes

The following is a list of some of the most commonly used HTML codes for displaying ASCII character symbols on webpages. These codes can be used in HTML, SGML or XML.

Browser support, IE > 4.0 and Netscape > 4.0.

Quick CodeHTML NumberSymbolDescription
<br />  Carridge return
&nbsp;&#160; Non-breaking space
&amp;&#38;&amplersand (or and)
&lt;&#60;<Less than
&gt;&#62;>Greater than
&quot;&#34;"Double quote
&lsquo;&#8216;Left single quotation
&rsquo;&#8217;Right single quotation
(used in english possessives and contractions)
&ldquo;&#8220;Left double quotation
&rdquo;&#8221;Right double quotation

Since I'm always forgetting them I wrote a script to output a more complete list of ASCII and HTML codes which can be found on the following pages:

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