Quickly comment out block of code in Python

While debugging a python module I needed to remove sections of code for quick functionality testing. For those not familiar with python the hash (#) character is used to comment out a single line of code, so how do you comment out a large block of code ?

One solution could be to employ a macro on your editor to hash each line in a section of the code or a simple if statement could be used, for example :-

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Python code
  1. if 0:
  2.   <your_block_of_code>

However, the easiest way I've found is to use three quotes on a line either side of your block of code, with this solution you don't need to indent or de-indent your code as with the if statement method, for example :-

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Python code
  1. """
  2. <your_block_of_code>
  3. """

If you know of a better better way feel free to post a comment...

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very interesting, thanks

thank you, thank you, there was nothing in the documentation about this.

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